Cyberbullying: What is it, and how can we prevent it?

The benefits of the online world are inseparable from the darker side, which includes haters, FOMO, information overload, Internet addiction and cyberbullying. To protect your kids, their classmates and their school community, it’s worth understanding what cyberbullying is, and the forms it can take. Cyberbullying is a form of verbal violence using the Internet, computers […]

Healthy habits to teach your children, Part II

There are plenty of healthy habits that support children’s development, so we encourage you to check out Part I as well, available here. As in this part, you’ll find five habits that are worth introducing into the life of your family. Happy reading! Healthy eating “Everything in moderation” – you’ve definitely heard this saying, which […]

How can you tell true information from fake news?

For many of us, the Internet has become our main source of information – but unfortunately also of false information, created by dishonest commentators and Internet trolls who hide behind fake accounts. How can we avoid getting lost in all of this, and can we learn to distinguish fake news from real information? Fake news […]

Remote learning during the pandemic and how to organize it

The new reality of the pandemic has forced people worldwide to change their work and study habits. Shifting so many daily tasks from schools and offices to homes requires reorganizing the family’s early daily rhythm and habits. What do you need to do to create a space for your childhood that’s conducive to studying, and […]

Healthy habits to teach your children, Part 1

The truth is, children absorb adult behaviors like sponges. That’s why the example has to come from you: if you want to teach your child healthy habits, you have to demonstrate them first! What good habits are worth developing together with your children? Physical activity Nobody needs to be told that movement is healthy. Of […]

In a world of threats, do you know what content your child can access?

We live in a digital world, where new technologies mean enormous development possibilities and numerous threats for the most sensitive and defenseless users – children and youth. Most of them have had access to phones, tablets, and computers from their earliest years. For them, devices are natural elements of leisure and learning. But to keep […]

How smartphones and other mobile devices affect children

How old should children be before starting to have screen time? How do electronic devices affect children’s development? Why shouldn’t screen time be used as a reward? If you want to know the answers to these questions, read on! How old should children be to use mobile devices? In the digital world, it’s not possible […]

Why use the SafeKiddo parental control app?

Even though they have contact with cutting-edge online technologies every day, children usually don’t recognize the threats that come with them. Fortunately, the SafeKiddo parental control app is here to protect children online, addressing parents’ concerns for their loved ones. Want to know more about the benefits of SafeKiddo? Read on! Geolocation and geofencing Thanks […]