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App designed to provide security in and outside of school ensuring protection on every device.

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SafeKiddo was created and developed by a group of professionals, with the support of well-known network providers.


We are constantly improving the app, adjusting it to fight for your child’s safety. In the fast-changing online world children protection is indispensable.

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Ensure safe telecommunication network connection and guaranteed protection. Adapt the features to fit your needs. Protect your kid in the online world.

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Web browning is rooted in today’s kid life. They are deeply immersed in digital world, full of dangers and inappropriate content. Modern problems require modern solutions. With SafeKiddo you can use the advantages technology to protect your child online.

Ready for integration

SafeKiddo is available on Google Play, App Store and also on Windows. This way you can keep an eye on your child at all times. Settings are completely customizable, making the app more approchable. Simpified usage makes SafeKiddo easy to integrate in your daily life.

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