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SafeKiddo service was created by parents for parents to help them safeguard their children online.

Marcin Marzec, CEO & Founder

SafeKiddo was founded in 2014 by Marcin Marzec which is still on lead and developing platform with crew. 

Meet our team

Our team is our trademark. Together we make a good team.

We like the Internet, new technologies are our passion but most of all we are fond of our loved ones. We wish to protect them – especially the children. This is the reason why we created SafeKiddo – the application that protects the kid using the Internet in a complex way.

SafeKiddo does not stop to evolve in the matters of security. This is solution that provides parental support in rising children. SafeKiddo facilitates education and creating healthy habits among children in a significant way. The point is to make the child be able to notice the dangers of the online world, select the chosen content and above all to be able to use new media and Digital devices in moderation.

SafeKiddo reaches far beyond already existing on the market Parental Control solutions. We put protection over controlling. It goes without saling that setting boundaries is crucial, however under standing and respecting children’s needs is also substantial. This is the reason why instead of the invasive control and cutting the kid off the Internet we focus on building the relationship and trust beetween parents and children.

Certifcate kidSAFE Seal Program. The app meets key safety standards and is also child-friendly.

Laureate of the 14th edition of the “Child-friendly world” competition. The application received the main prize in the “Child and Internet” category.

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