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People around the globe enjoy the convenience of protecting their children online  using SafeKiddo. Join them today to ensure your child’s safety!

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Monitoring your child’s activities on the Internet has never been easier. With just a few clicks you’ll have an overview of their screen time.

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Today’s world requires state of the art solutions, especially when it comes to online safety. The SafeKiddo App ensures your children are protected at all times.
Why SafeKiddo?

Keeping your children protected at all times is simple and manageable with SafeKiddo.


Ease of use is key. Because we value your time, we’ve simplified the process of settting up and using the app. After downloading, it takes just a few clicks to begin safeguarding your children. Configuration takes less time than making a cup of coffe. 


Flexibility & Security

Management of your child’s devices is completely customizable. You can adjust all the features to match your needs according to your child’s age. Features include setting time limits, blocking sites deactivating apps and many more.


Keeping control over your child’s screen time can be difficult. However, our app provides a complete overview of the time they spend on social media, YouTube and other installed apps. SafeKiddo provides safe searching and gives you access to detailed search history and screen time.


We understand that different families have different needs and resources, so we offer three pricing plans tailored to your individual situation. 

Remember, these are only tools to help you. It’s important to educate your child about using technology the right way.

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How it works

Simplified usage and maximum protection in three easy steps.

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Keeping your children protected at all times is simple and manageable with SafeKiddo.


Install the app on your device with just a few clicks.


Parental control and management is possible only from the parent's device.

Main features

Find out more about SafeKiddo's key features.

Games & Apps blocking

Enables parents to track time spent on playing games. Games and apps can be deactivated on kid’s phone remotely by parent or access to them can be limited. Also access to app stores can be restricted.

Social media monitoring

Reported screen time on all social media apps with the access to history and activities helps to track kid’s online habits and reduce time spent on social media. Apps can be deactivated on available on limited time only.

Time limits

Using certain apps and web browsing is possible only during allowed time. Time allowance can be changed from parents device and can be set individually for each day of the week.

Website safe search

Guarantee that the safe search mode is turned on at all times. This feature provides kid safe Internet filtering so that they will not come cross any inappropriate content.

Block pornography

The websites containing adult content are blocked by default. This feature ensures that your child would not be able to access any  websites dedicated to porn.

SafeKiddo button

If there’s a trouble, your child could push a SafeKiddo button and send immediately message with locations to parents.

Website Filtering & Blocker

Enables parents to mark specific categories as blocked. The content of the blocked pages will not be visible to the child unless the parent decides to unblock it. The child can send a request to unlock the access to a specific site.

Geolocation & Geofencing

The geofencing area which covers established distance around specific location allows the parents to be notified immediately after the kid leaves the fixed area.

... and more coming soon.


You can choose a subscription tailored to your needs from our three protection packages.


Price for 3 months
  • For small families


Price for 3 months
  • Our standard package


Price for 3 months
  • For large families

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