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Used by 150 000 people worldwide.

People from all over the world have experienced the reassurance and convenience  of protecting their children online with the help of SafeKiddo. Join them to ensure your child’s safety!

Relationships with mobile operators.

SafeKiddo works with network providers to help you protect your child on the Internet. 

Monitor. Secure. Manage.

Mobile operators deploy SafeKiddo to keep their users safe. We work with them to help protect your children in the online world. 

Why SafeKiddo?

Our solution

What makes SafeKiddo unique? Our rich variety of features and ease of use. Benefits include safe internet browsing, blocking of games and other apps, screen time controls and geolocation. These functions work on both portable devices and PCs, over mobile networks and on Wi-Fi.

Ready for integration

SafeKiddo can be fully re-branded to match your demands.

The application is ready for deployment in the mobile network environment.

  • White labeling
  • Pre-loading on devices
  • BSS integration
  • On-premise deployment

Parental Control Software Market Projected to Reach the value of 4,3 Billion USD by 2031.

The usage of parental control software grew signifcantly in 2020-2023, which can be linked to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Thanks to growing awareness on children’s online safety and rise in government regulation on digital content, it is expected that the usage of parental control software will grow even further globally by 2031. The projected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) for the parental control software market in years 2023-2031 is 13%.

Source: Allied Market Research 2023

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