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About SafeKiddo

SafeKiddo service was created by parents for parents to help them safeguard their childern online
Given the trend of more and more small kids are using smartphones and Internet), we have created an application that provides comprehensive protection in online world.

Our mission is to provide you with even one good reason to enjoy the happiness and safety of the hearth. Without invasive inspection and cutting the baby from the possibility of using the network, but with respect and understanding of his curiosity to what the Internet offers him today.

We want you as a conscious and responsible parent protected in an effective and smart way to your child in the network.

With SafeKiddo you do not have to worry about what they are reading or watching on the Internet. Nor do you have to be there when they are surfing the web. SafeKiddo will make sure that the content they have access to is safe and suited to their age.



SafeKiddo is certified by the kidSAFE Seal Program.

How SafeKiddo works?

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  • Manage access time to the Internet and application.

    You can easily manage access time to the Internet and application on the device of your child. For each day of the week you can set different values. SafeKiddo will inform your child about the timeout in using the Internet and application.

  • Manage individually access to web pages.
    With the help of SafeKiddo application you can manage access time to web pages on the device of your child, who receives the information about lack of access to a website. SafeKiddo allows the child to engage in dialogue with the parent by sending a request for access to the web page.

  • SafeKiddo panel for parents.

    SafeKiddo panel dedicated to parents allows to virtually manage the settings of kids’ profiles.

  • Access to content on the Internet

    Access to certain content on the Internet depends on the age of your child – content categories are predefined and adapted to the age of the child, and also easy to change by you at any time.



Safe web browsing based on child’s age

SafeKiddo provides suggestions to what web page content your child should have access. You can easily change those settings if required.

Time controls for web browsing and applications*

Set up time access restrictions for web browsing, applications and games usage on child’s device.

Grant access to application stores and apps*

Control access to application store and approve new applications and games installed on the device before child can use them.

Safe Search mode for Google, Bing and Yahoo

Safe Search mode is always enforced for major search engines. Your child will get only appropriate search results when searching web pages, images and videos.


You can get overall reports on child’s web browsing activity and detailed log of all browsed or denied webpages.

Protection on every network

SafeKiddo protects child’s device on every network, both mobile (3G/LTE) and home or public WiFi.

*Full support for applications on Android, partial on Windows Phone devices.

Media about us

  • Thank you so very much! I love this App!
  • This could be the only application in the Windows Phone store that provides decent parental control functionality. Highly recommended.

  • I want to thank you for you great app, it works great!
    via support portal

Price list


$5.95 / quarter

  • Annual subscription
  • Number of devices
    up to 2
  • Number of child profiles


$14.95 / quarter

  • Annual subscription
  • Number of devices
    up to 5
  • Number of child profiles


$29.95 / quarter

  • Annual subscription
  • Number of devices
    up to 15
  • Number of child profiles


Please contact us if you need other plan or you are educational or commercial institution.

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